Layout Design and Operations Meet

Keith Jordan

Keith Jordan has been giving talks on railroading for 25 years. His interests in the Santa Fe, history and operations, layout design and execution have all provided inspiration for presentations to various groups. He is the co-author of a book on Santa Fe's refrigerator cars, plus several articles in a variety of magazines and is active in the Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society. He currently is working on a book about the Santa Fe's Los Angeles Division with fellow author John Signor.

Keith's presentation, "Modeling the Patch," is about a little-known industrial switching area near downtown Los Angeles, served by the Santa Fe. The presentation will detail the location and history of this area, the industries and operations. In addition, Keith will talk about how he built a representation of the Patch in his home studio, designed and built with equal emphasis on room aesthetics and prototypical operations. Included in the presentation is a short film on the Santa Fe's operations in Los Angeles.

When he isn't playing with trains, Keith works as a consultant to the BNSF, managing a grade crossing closure program. Keith and his wife Deborah, live in the Kansas City area with their two cats.