Layout Design and Operations Meet

Paul J. Dolkos

Paul has been interested in railroads and modeling them from childhood and that is a long time. He has built a number of layouts, usually set in the 1950s era. In fact he recently came across a photo of one of his early layouts (a loop of track and a spur or two) taken in the fifties. So he can say he not only models the fifties, he modeled in the fifties. The first really serious layout was a 5x9 foot freelanced coal and lumber operation called the Duquense. While freelancing gives the modeler lots of freedom, Paul often agonized over how to paint equipment and all the choices that could be included on the railroad. So later when he started planning a new layout he decided that it would be prototype based. But then the problem was, what prototype? Ultimately based on many railfanning trips, New England and the Boston & Maine Railroad was selected as a subject. That decision produced his B&M New Hampshire Division. Last year it was sold and Paul has started construction of a new layout based on the railroads of Baltimore, Md. circa 1955.

Paul's other hobby interest is photography and has photographed many model railroads and written many articles for Model Railroader and other publications. These efforts include coverage of both the B&M (December 1995 MR and others) and the Duquense (March '83) layouts.