2022 Layout Design and Operations Meet

Deep River Southern

As Featured in N Scale Magazine

Owner / Location / Website Crew Operating System Car Forwarding Layout Location
Dave Salamon
Owasso, OK
4 DC Block Control Walkaround design using MRCH Control MASTER 20 THROTTLES. Car cards Located in an odd shaped room above the garage, not handicap accessible.

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The Deep River Southern is a freelanced N Scale layout set in 1958. It has been featured in several issues of N Scale Magazine and also the Cowcatcher Roundup.

The layout is a multiple level layout with the mainline making up the lower main level and the Branchline on the upper level.

On the mainline level the layout features the large town of Beckton which has a classification yard, engine servicing facilities for both steam and diesel, and several industries that are served. Eastridge Staging is located below Beckton and is accessed by a 4 turn helix. The next town on the layout is Green Valley and contains several grain elevators and other industries to support the local farmers and an interchange with the Frisco with a hand operated smash board where the two railroads cross along with a scale house that is used to weigh all grain cars. Port Allen is my tribute to John Allen, it has no resemblance to any location that was on his layout, but I do have a car float operation and other switching opportunities. The last mainline town on the layout is Clifton which serves mines and mills and spur to the Dam Site. The layout then continues into the closet where Davis Junction is located; this is where the Branchline connects with the mainline. Just past Davis Junciton is the western terminus of the railroad where Westley Staging is located.

At Davis Junction the Branchline goes through the wall onto an elevator which connects the two levels. The elevator is an Armstrong type elevator, meaning completely manual, after your train gets on it you just manually move it to the up or down position. When the elevator is secured in the up position the train goes back into the closet across Montray Pass. A short while later your train enters back into the main room and is at the large cement plant, the Calaveras Cement Hastings Plant, this plant hosts its own switcher. As the branchline continues down the back wall it enters the end of the line at Pine Flat. At Pine Flat the Deep River Southern connects to the Pine Flat Logging Company. Also Pine Flat is known not only for the lumber industry but for the many packing plants located there. The two railroads share the wye. The PFLC has a large sawmill, log pond, engine house and small yard, as trains leaves the yard they cross over the famous Dinkey Creek bridge and around the million dollar cut and enters into Camp 9, the logging line continues into the woods to additional camps.

Current operations include a yardmaster that classifies the inbound trains, builds outbound trains and switches the local industries in Beckton. There are two operators which run local trains, passenger trains, through trains and interchange trains. There is also a Branchline operator who runs the branchline, cement plant and logging line.

The layout is wired for DC control, and all throttles have walkaround memory. Turnouts on the layout are controlled by manual choke cables, with control panels located above the town for power assignment. The layout is operated using car cards.

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