2024 Layout Design and Operations Meet

The Kansas City Terminal Railway

As Featured in Model Railroad Planning and Great Model Railroads
Owner / Location / Website Crew Operating System Car Forwarding Layout Location
Jim Senese
Claremore, OK
8 EasyDCC Switch Lists 2nd floor of home.

It's 3:00 pm on Saturday, November 15, 1980 – the last weekend before the Frisco was absorbed into the Burlington Northern. The eight operators who come to work on Jim’s KCT are divided into four two-person crews. One crew will be hired by the Katy, one by the Frisco, one by the Kansas City Southern, and one by the Missouri Pacific. "Employment" is done by lottery.

Each crew switches about 12 industries along their railroad, performs customer service moves, and interchanges interline freight cars with the other three railroads. Perishable commodities are moved into and out of the Produce Yard several times during a session.

Jim's KCT represents 4.5 miles of railroads in the West and East Bottoms of Kansas City. The entire railroad is within yard limits.

As an added dimension, each crew is provided with the corporate culture of their railroad in the 1980’s to help guide their "attitude" with competing railroads.

For more information and photographs see Great Model Railroads-2018, and Model Railroad Planning-1999.

Vital statistics:
Scale: HO
Track: Mostly code 83. Some code 70.
Turnouts: Atlas and Peco code 83 along with Micro-Engineering code 70.
Control: EasyDCC. Tethered and radio.
Locomotives: Sound in half of fleet.